Patricia Cazorla & Nancy Saleme


Studio AT Gallery Aferro | Working in Newark since 2011

“Newark’s unique energy, people’s warmth, and affordability for an ample space is what attracted us first to move our studio to the city. Newark gave us the opportunity to grow as artists. We were able to create significant works and public art like large sculptures. Since our first visit in 2011, Newark’s architectural beauty had a high impact on us. We have created many pieces inspired in our surroundings. For instance, we have portrayed the Amtrack Dock Vertical Li, an ancient and majestic vertical li bridge built in 1935. This painting traveled to the south of Spain for a public art exhibition in 2015. Despite the over-an-hour commute via the Path train, every time we arrive in Newark Penn Station we start an eventful journey; we instantly feel a rash of possibilities, a feeling of a bright new beginning.”

Medium: Mixed Media cazorla_saleme.html